Classified New Employee Orientation

Complete the following documents prior to Employee Orientation:

1. SKSD Board Policies & Procedures Signature Sheet
2. SKSD Accident Prevention Program
3. Bloodborne Pathogen Review
4. Washington State Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Release Form
5. School Employee Duty to Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect Form
6. Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (along with identification)
• Social Security Card (required for IRS and Social Security)
7. Form W-4
8. Payroll Direct Deposit Form (Required)
9. Retirement Forms
10. Fingerprinting required prior to starting work
11. Verification of Previous Employment Form (if applicable)
12. Benefit Packet (Please click on the link)

Temporary Employee Application

Click here to read the New Employee Orientation Manual. This manual is for all staff so there will be references to certificated and classified staff.

1. SKSD Board Policies & Procedures - Click on the link and review the procedures. After reviewing Policies & Procedures, print and sign the Signature Sheet verifying you have read the SKSD Policies & Procedures.

2. SKSD Accident Prevention Program - Click on the following link and review the program booklet: Accident Prevention Program. After reviewing the Accident Prevention Program Booklet, print and sign the Signature Sheet verifying you have read the SKSD Accident Prevention Program.

3. Bloodborne Pathogen Training Study Guide. You may use this study guide for assistance in completing the Bloodborne Pathogen Review below.
Bloodborne Pathogen Review. Print, complete and sign the Bloodborne Pathogen Review.

4. Washington State Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Release Form. Complete one form for each school district employee worked in. If there is no prior experience within a school district, employee is still required to complete the form but check the box "No prior school district employment." Print, complete and bring to orientation. We will send to former employer(s).

5. School Employee Duty to Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect Form. Print, read and sign.

6. Form I-9. This form is required for all new employees by the US Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service to verify employment eligibility. Along with this form, bring required documentation. Complete Section 1 - Employee Information and Verification. (Your Social Security card will also be required for employment - per requirement of the Social Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service.) Directions for Form I-9

7.W4 Form This form is required for all new employees. Print, complete and sign.

8. Payroll Direct Deposit. Print, complete and attach a VOIDED check. (Required)

9. Retirement Forms. Print, complete and sign all documents listed for NEW members.

10. SKSD Fingerprint Procedure. All employment with South Kitsap School District is on a conditional basis pending completion of a Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint background check as required by RCW 28A.400.303. (NOTE: All associated background check fees are the employee's responsibility.) The fingerprint scan must be completed prior to the first day of work and is by appointment only.

11. Verification of Professional Employment Form. This form is for experience that is earned outside of the South Kitsap School District to be considered for salary placement. Previous school districts must complete and submit a Verification of Professional Employment form and send to Human Resources. This form is also used to transfer sick leave hours within Washington State school districts.
CLASSIFIED Verification of Professional Employment Form
COACHES Verification of Professional Employment Form

Affirmative Action Policy
The intent of the Affirmative Action Plan is to reaffirm South Kitsap School District's commitment to equal employment opportunity and to assist in the refinement and implementation of the existing policy. All recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, personnel management practices, and collective bargaining agreements will be structured and administered in a manner which furthers equal employment opportunity principles. The board recognizes that equality of employment opportunity is a requirement of federal and state law. Utilization of both sexes of all racial and ethnic groups throughout all levels of the District's staff provides an essential educational purpose in the development of positive self-concepts in all students.

Affirmative Action Plan

Nurturing growth • Inspiring achievement • Building community