Link to Substitute Handbook

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your commitment to the students, staff, and community of South Kitsap School District. Our students deserve the very best of educational services. We welcome your professional contribution to the successful delivery of our education program. Your role as a substitute, whether it be teaching or educational support, is to provide continuity to the instruction provided to our students.

Please carefully review the information contained on this website and feel free to ask questions. The staff in our Substitute Services center is prepared to assist you. Building level staff members are also available to answer questions that assist you in becoming an effective part of their instructional program.

A skilled substitute offers a significant, positive impact on the quality of education in the absence of the permanent employee. Our district is committed to providing information and professional development opportunities necessary to fulfill your responsibilities.

We encourage you to seek out and participate in the opportunities available to you. We are excited about your potential here and what you can contribute to our organization. We hope that you will find considerable reward and satisfaction in your work in our schools and that you will be in such demand that you will be scheduling your substitute assignments weeks in advance.

If you are interested in permanent employment opportunities with South Kitsap School District, be sure your online application is complete. Complete online applications are made available to our hiring administrators when screening applications for permanent positions. To check on the status of your application, visit the employment page to log into your online application or contact Human Resources 360-874-7070.

We are delighted you have chosen South Kitsap School District and wish you every success!

South Kitsap School District
Human Resources Department